Analog Circuit Trainer (MI-A01B)

  • User friendly front panel
  • On-board Digital Panel Meters
  • On-board Fixed & Variable DC Power Supply Sources
  • On-board AC Power Supply Source
  • Breadboard/Module Mounting Area
  • Built-in Function Generator
  • On-board component banks of different values
  • Test points are on panel with 2mm banana sockets
  • Symbols and Diagram are printed on glass epoxy PCB
  • Attractive ABS Plastic Cabinet



  • Study of Resistors, Capacitors, Potentiometers &Transformer
  • Study of V-I Characteristics of different types of Diodes
  • Study of rectifier circuits and filter
  • Study of RC Circuit
  • Study of RL Circuit
  • Study of RLC Circuit
  • Study of IC 555 Astable Multi-vibrator
  • Study of IC 555 Monstable Multi-vibrator
  • Study of IC 741 Inverting Amplifier
  • Study of IC 741 Non Inverting Amplifier