Booleam and Demorgan’s Theorem Trainer (MI-D05)

  • User friendly front panel.
  • Built-in useful resources.
  • Inbuilt DC Power Supply.
  • Built-in Logic Level Generator.
  • Built-in Logic Level Indicator.
  • Diagrammatic representation of circuits for the ease of connections.
  • Power ON switch with indicator.
  • Symbols and Diagrams are printed on Glass Epoxy PCB.
  • All important points are brought out in front panel with 2mm banana sockets.
  • Attractive ABS Plastic Cabinet.




To study and verification of the truth table of

  • Study of Demorgan’s Theorem.
  • Study of Boolean Identities:
  1. Identity
  2. Complement
  3. Commutative
  4. Distributive