DTMF Trainer MI-CE03

Mine MI-CE03 DTMF Trainer In telecom industry it is very
important to know the basic working principle of a
telephone. The DTMF Trainer (MICE03) is a trainer which
helps students to understand the basic/functional working of
an actual telephone. This kit provides a depth explanation of
different sections of a DTMF telephone. It has different kind
of faults and test points to observe different signal which help
in understanding different blocks of a telephone.



• Study of the telephone by line connection or by onboard power supply.
• Study of the Polarity Protection Block.
• Study of the Working of Key Matrix Section.
• Study of the Working of Ringer Circuit.
• Study of the Working of Dialer Section & of DTMF
• Signals Using High Pass Filter and Low Pass Filter.
• Study of the Working of Sound Section or Speech Section.
• Study of the Telephone Trainer by Switched Faults