Dual DC Variable Power Power Supply (MI-PS2302)

  • Designed by considering all the safety standards.
  • Fine Display Accuracy.
  • Built-in Protection Circuit.
  • Built-in Over Range Indication, overheat, over Load protections.
  • Large size of Display
  • Easy to Operate





Mine MI-PS2302 Dual DC Variable Power Supply is designed as a Constant Current (CC) and Constant Voltage (CV) source for use in laboratories, industries and field testing. Power Supply with compact size, light weight and low power loss, it provides DC output voltages for Analog and Digital testing. A special automatic overload (current) protection circuit limits the maximum current to 2A. Two displays (one 3-digit display for voltage & other 3-digit for current) are used to read the values. These two can be switched simultaneously for either of the DC outputs.