Microwave Test Bench Components X-Band

  • Display: 16 x 2 Characters
  • LCD: Show- volt, Current, Modulation Frequency
  • Voltage Range: 0 to 10V
  • Current: 750mA max.
  • Stability: 0.1% for ±10% mains variation
  • Ripple: 1.0mV typical
  • Modulating Frequency: 800 to 1200Hz
  • Modulating Voltage: 0 – 10Vpp variable Modulation
  • Modes: Continuous Wave, Internal Modulation (Square Wave) Audio Modulation & PC Data Modulation
  • PC Interface: RS232 Output
  • Connector: BNC for Gunn Bias, TNC for Pin Bias
  • Mains Supply: 220V AC ±10%, 50Hz





The Microwave Test Bench Components are precision made microwave systems, which use standard type rectangular wave-guide components to illustrate thes essential elements of this field for study.