Power Electronics Trainer (MI-PW01)

  • Self-contained & easy to operate
  • Functional blocks indicated on board mimic
  •  Breadboard provided for own circuit development
  •   In built AC and DC Power Supplies
  •  On board pulse generator with frequency and duty cycle control.
  •   On board single phase controlled rectifier firing circuit
  •  On board SCR devices
  •  On board pulse Transformer
  •  On board variable load and circuit components Attractive ABS Plastic Cabinet.
  •  Symbols and Diagram are printed on glass epoxy




• Study of V-I Characteristics of : MOSFET, PUT, UJT, SCR, DIAC, TRIAC,         IGBT.
• Study of UJT relaxation oscillator.
• Study of SCR triggering circuit.
• Study of firing circuit & firing angle control.
• Study of half wave & full wave Bridge rectifier circuits and filters.
• Study the Diode Characteristics.