Regulated Power Supply (MI-A17)

Regulated Power Supply Trainer (MI-A17) has been designed specifically to demonstrate the importance of Regulated Power Supply. This kit is an extremely useful laboratory kit which provides facilities for hands on experience to various experiments in the field of analog electronics and provides all necessary inputs and connections for students to study rectifier, filter, IC7805 based regulator power supply, ripple observation and etc.


• On board AC Source
• Test points are provided in different sections of Power Supply
• On board Required set of component to make unregulated power supply
• Designed by considering all the safety standards
• On board Load Resistance
• Provided with a detailed Operating manual
• Low cost yet including many experiments

• To study & observe the unregulated power supply-Half wave II Full wave II Bridge.
• To study the Fixed Positive and Negative power supply with 7805 & 7905.
• To study the Zener transistor based power supply.
• To study the LM723 IC based Positive Variable Regulated Supply.
• To study the LM317 IC based Positive Variable Regulated supply.
• To study the LM337 IC based Negative Variable Regulated supply.