Transistor Amplifier Trainer-2 (MI-A06)

Transistor Amplifier Trainer-2 (MI-A06) has been designed specifically to demonstrate the importance of transistor based amplifiers. This kit is an extremely useful laboratory kit which provides facilities for hands on experience to various experiments in the field of analog electronics and provides all necessary inputs and connections. This trainer comes with inbuilt positive & negative power supply and sinewave generator with variable frequency and amplitude. Trainer specially design to understand the principle of push pull amplifier and differential amplifier.


• On board Regulated Power Supply
• On board Sine wave generator with variable frequency and amplitude
• User friendly front panel & easy to operate
• Inbuilt schematic diagram for easy understanding
• Flexibility of making circuit connections
• Symbols and Diagram are printed on glass epoxy PCB
• Attractive ABS Plastic Cabinet

• To study about operation of Push Pull Emitter Follower Transistor Amplifier.
• To study about operation of differential amplifier using BJT.