MOSFET FET Characteristics (MI-BA09)

MOSFET & JFET Trainer (MI-BA09) has been designed specifically to demonstrate characteristics of MOSFET & JFET. It is a kit for basic electronics laboratories, using this kit students can learn different types of characteristics of MOSFET and JFET. This complete Trainer kit used for studying MOSFET and JFET characteristics comes with built-in isolated variable DC Power Supplies and set of DC Voltmeter and Ammeter with MOSFET and FET.



• On board Ammeter and Voltmeter are provided
• On board Dual Variable DC Power Supplies are provided
• Digital display for displaying Voltage and Current
• On board MOSFET and FET with resistors to perform
• Symbols and Diagrams are printed on Glass Epoxy PCB
• Attractive ABS Plastic Cabinet


• Study of MOSFET VI Characteristics.
• Study of JFET VI Characteristics.