DPSK Modulation and Demodulation Trainer (MI-DC06)

DPSK Modulation & Demodulation Trainer is an extremely useful laboratory kit which provides facilities
for hands on experience to various experiments in the field of digital communication and provides all necessary inputs and connections for students to study DPSK techniques. It covers basic concepts like role of modulator and demodulator. This trainer comes with inbuilt Carrier Generator & Signal Generator with individual Modulation & Demodulation sections. This is helpful in making learning simple, at the same time while making experimentations on it.


• On board 8 bit Pattern Generator.
• On board Carrier Generator.
• On board Synchronized Clock Generations Scheme.
• Facility to Generate PSK and DPSK Signals.
• Attractive ABS Plastic Cabine

• Study of DPSK Modulation Technique.
• Study of DPSK Demodulation Technique.