DC Shunt Motor Lab Trainer (MI-ET15)

Mine MI-ET15 DC Shunt Motor Trainer is an important system for the Electrical laboratories. This product provides comprehensive learning of functioning of a DC Motor. It can aptly be employed for performing various exercises like Motor Starting, Speed Control, N-I Characteristics etc. Thus the product makes the subject completely understandable.



  • Built in Fixed & Variable Power Supply
  • Machine with Mechanical Loading Arrangement
  • Provided with Digital Tachometer
  • Machine with Class “B” Insulation
  • Heavy Duty Base/Channel
  • Brake-Drum/Pulley with heat suppression facility
  • Designed by considering all the safety standards
  • Diagrammatic representation for the ease of connections


  • Speed Control of DC Shunt Motor by Field Current control and Armature Voltage Control method
  • Load Characteristics of DC Shunt Motor
  • N-I Characteristics of DC Shunt Motor
  • N-V Characteristics of DC Shunt Motor
  • Study of self excited and Separately excited DC Shunt Motor