Ohms Law Trainer (MI-ET38)

Mine MI-ET38 Ohm’s Law Trainer has been designed specifically to demonstrate the importance of Ohm’s Law,
it states that the current I in a resistor is proportional to the potential difference V across it, provided that the
temperature of the object is constant. The trainer can be used as a standalone unit with built-in variable DC
power supply and Digital Panel Meters for measuring Voltage and Current. This trainer also comes with fixed and
variable resistors to perform experiments with different types of circuits.



• On board Variable DC Power supply
• On board Voltmeter & Ammeter for measurements
• Potentiometer is provided to vary resistance
• Fixed resistance is also provided
• Dual Fuse protection with power on switch
• User friendly front panel & easy to operate
• Symbols and Diagram are printed on glass epoxy PCB
• Attractive ABS Plastic Cabinet


• To study the Ohm’s Law and verify the relationship between voltage and current