Thevenin’s Theorem Trainer (MI-ET31)

Mine MI-ET31 Thevenin’s Theorem Trainer It states that it is possible to simplify any electrical circuit, no matter how complex, to an equivalent two-terminal circuit with just a single constant voltage source (VTH) in series with a resistance (RTH or impedance) connected to a load. It is specially useful in the circuit analysis of power or battery systems and other interconnected resistive circuits where it will have an effect on the adjoining part of the circuit. Trainer can be used as a standalone unit with built-in variable DC power supply and Digital Panel Meters for measuring Voltage and Current.



• Exclusive and compact design
• In-built power supply
• In-built Digital Voltmeter & Digital Ammeter
• Symbolic representation of all components on MIMIC


• To study and verification of Thevenin’s Theorem.