Three Phase Power Measurement by Three Watt Meter (MI-ET14)

Mine MI-ET14 Three Phase Power Measurement by Three Watt Meter Method Trainer is an exclusive and useful
product for Electrical laboratories. It is designed to explain the students, how total power is measured in a three
phase circuit using three Wattmeters. With this product, student can study the power flow in three phase system
and correspondingly calculate Active, Reactive and Apparent power. Apart from this student can easily understand different three phase parameters like Line Voltage, Line Current, Phase Voltage, Phase Current and their mutual relationships to verify star and delta properties in three phase circuit.



  • Inbuilt Inductive Load
  • Facility to configure Star and Delta Load
  • Provided with bulb holder to use load externally
  • Equipped with supply indication lamps
  • Designed by considering all the safety standards
  • Diagrammatic representation for the ease of connections
  • Facility to connect external three phase load.


  • Study and calculate the Power Factor in a Three Phase Circuit
  • Measurement of Power and Calculate Active, Reactive and Apparent Power in a Three Phase Circuit by three wattmeter method
  • Measurement of Three Phase Parameters in star and Delta Configurations