Three Phase Transformer Trainer (MI-ET21)

Mine MI-ET21 Three Phase Transformer Trainer is an adaptable training system for the Electrical laboratories. The product helps understand basic concepts and functioning of a Three Phase Transformer. The product is represented in an easy way so that each test can be studied differently in proper sequence. Three Phase configurations such as Star-Star, Star-Delta, Delta-Star and Delta-Delta, Measurement of different losses and consequently determine efficiency and voltage regulation at any predetermined load etc.



  • Provided Three Phase Multifunction meter for primary ad secondary measurement
  • Stand alone operation
  • Flexibility to use in star and delta configuration
  • Equipped with Supply Indication Lamps
  • Facility to display entire parameter
  • Designed by Considering All the Safety Standards
  • Diagrammatic Representation for the Ease of Connections


  • Study the Three Phase Transformer Connection (Star & Delta)
  • Open Circuit Test in a Three Phase Transformer
  • Short Circuit Test in a Three Phase Transformer
  • Load Test and correspondingly determine the Efficiency and Voltage Regulation in a Three Phase Transformer