Battery Management System Trainer (MI-EV15)

Battery Management System Trainer (BMS) MI-EV15 is an electronic system which manages a battery or a pack of cells. It monitors and controls battery critical parameters, estimate its state, balancing and make sure that they operate in recommended safe conditions. A battery plays a key role in the fields of military, transportation, communication especially in portable devices like mobile phones, electric vehicles and appliances. The rechargeable electric battery is the most common and widespread device used to store electro-chemical energy for power systems. BMS is defined as which manages, control and monitor the conditions of battery.



• Temperature measurement
• Cell balancing
• Voltage measurement of each cell
• Current measurement
• Motor Assembly Mechanical Arrangement for Experiments


• Evaluation of charging characteristics of Battery.
• Explain thermal shutdown using BMS.
• Explain over current protection in BMS during discharge of a Battery.
• Perform Passive cell Balancing phenomenon in a 6-Cell Battery.
• Explain Cell Balancing and it types.
• Evaluation of discharging characteristics of Battery by BLDC Motor.
• Evaluation of Charging /Discharging of Battery while charging/discharging with different C-rate
• Testing batteries and Comparison performance of different Batteries Using Testing     equipment’s
i. No-load voltage by Voltmeter.
ii. Measuring internal Resistance
iii. impedance measurement of batteries