Bridge Trainer (MI-IN06)

Bridge Trainer1 (MI-IN06) has been designed specifically to demonstrate the importance of AC Bridges. MI-IN06,Bridge is an extremely useful laboratory kit which provides facilities for hand on experience to various
experiments in the field of instrumentation. This trainer provides all necessary inputs and connections for student to study application of bridges in measurement of unknown parameters like resistance, capacitance by balancing one/two of the arm of the respected bridge. The IN06, comes with Digital Panel Meter, which makes easy to set null point. This trainer kit offers a lot of on-board feature.



• Easy illustration of AC (Schering, Hay’s & Wien’s)Bridges
• On board Set of Component Bank.
• Excellent calibration stability.
• Digital display (DPM) for null detection
• Attractive shocked proof ABS plastic cabinet


• Determination of Unknown Capacitance by using Schering’s Bridge.
• Determination of Unknown Inductance by using Hay’s Bridge.
• Determination of Unknown Resistance by using Wien’s Bridge.