Digital VSWR Meter (MI-MC03)

Mine MI-MC03 Digital VSWR Meter is a Microcontroller based Equipment with LCD. The Analog meters have multiple scales which makes the instrument very complicated for the students. The Digital Display of VSWR & dB solves the problem. Since the Equipment has a Microcontroller based digital display so there is no need of expanded scales, as it was in conventional instruments.


Technical Specifications:

Display                                            :     16 X 2 LCD.

Sensitivity                                      :     0.1µV for 200 Ohm input impedance.

Noise Level                                   :     Less than 0.02 V .

Range                                              :     0  60dB in 10dB steps.

Input                                               :     Un-biased low and high impedance crystal biased crystal (200 and 200K).

Display Select                              :     SWR : 1-9 ||dB : 0-10.

Modes                                            :     Normal|| Audio|| PC (this mode can be used only with Gunn based bench).

Gain Control                                 :     Range 0-10dB (approx).

Input Connector                         :     BNC (F).

Input Frequency                         :     1000Hz ± 10%