Gunn Power Supply (MI-MC02)

Mine MI-MC02 Gunn Power Supply is a Microcontroller based Equipment with LCD. A very important feature of this instrument is the simultaneous display of Voltage and Current which is the basic requirement of VI Characteristics experiment. Here different Modulation Modes can be selected with a single switch display on LCD. For PC to PC Data Communication Experiment a Software is provided with this instrument.


Technical Specifications:

Display                                            :       16 X 2 LCD.

Voltage Range                             :       0 to 10V/750mA.

Stability                                          :       0.1 % for + 10% mains variation.

Ripple                                             :       1.0 mV typical.

Mode Select                                 :

– Continuous wave.

– Internal Modulation (Square wave output).

– Audio Modulation.

– PC data Modulation.

Int. Modulating Frequency    :       800 to 1200Hz.

Int. Modulating Voltage           :       0-10 Vpp variable.

Output Connector                      :       BNC for Gunn Bias.

PC-Interface                                 :       Rs232

Line Input Voltage                      :       230 V AC ± 10%, 50 Hz