Resistivity Measurement System (MI-RM01)


• Emergency switch for safety.
• Power MCB with 3 phase indicator with emergency switch.
• Hydraulic control two modes up and down moment.
• Hydraulic motor 1HP
• Force meter resolution: 0.01KN.
• Load cell, Load Capacity. 2T
• Force apply 10 KN maximum.
• Integrated software
• Two operation mode- Manual and Auto (through software).
• Force resolution (between two electrodes).
• Replaceable electrodes.
• Machine dimension size 840 (L) x 1050 (W) x 2425(H) .
• Machine weigh 500Kg approx.





• Fully controllable -Manually and Automatic
• Temperature range: Room Temperature to 450 C
• LCD display.
• Provision for external sensors
• Heater protection facility
• RS-232 / USB interface facility
• Based on Kanthal heating element.

Optional feature in software
• Modulus over a frequency range at fixed temperature.
• Modulus over a temperature range at fixed frequency.
• Epsilon prime v/s epsilon double prime over a frequency range at fixed temperature over a temperature ranges at fixed frequency.