Electronic Work Bench (MI-EW05)

Mine MI-EW05 Electronics workbench allows for students to assemble and test circuit boards. The workbench is designed to reduce static discharge also allow for students to solder and use the test equipment. Workbench is consisting of instrument panel and working table is suitable for students to learn and perform testing of components. Instruments is internally electrically connect and is fitted/on Bench in the panel such that only front panel and necessary interfaces are easily accessible to use. Locking Caster Wheel is provided at legs of workbench so that it can be easily moved & MCB is provided with AC supply for safety purpose.



  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope
  • Multiple DC Power Supply
  • Digital Multimeter
  • Function Generator
  • MCB & Power Indicator
  • Power Socket Switch
  • Soldering Desoldering Station
  • Antistatic mate with wrist bend
  • Locking Caster Wheel
  • Drawer with Lock & Handle


Work Bench Instruments:

1. Digital Storage Oscilloscope
2. 25MHz DDS Function Generator
3. Multiple DC Power Supply
1/2 4 4 Digit Digital Benchtop Multimeter
5 Soldering De-soldering Station