Discrete Component Trainer (MI-BA01)

MI-BA01 Discrete Component Trainer is designed to cover all the experiments related to basic, linear and digital circuits using discrete components. A very useful component trainer to show all the components use in electronics circuits / laboratory. It is also low-cost, multi-purpose, mini-lab for linear & digital circuits.



• User friendly front panel
• Easy to use
• Built-in useful resources
• On-board Resistance Bank
• On-board Capacitor Bank
• On-board Inductor Bank
• 20 Pin ZIF Socket for solderless IC mounting
• Power ON switch with indicator
• Attractive ABS Plastic Cabinet
• Symbols and Diagram are printed on glass epoxy PCB
• On-board Power Electronics Component Bank


• Basic Electrical Laws:
Study of Ohm’s Law
Study of KVL & KCL
• Components V-I Characteristics: Diode, BJT, MOSFET, SCR, IGBT,DIAC, TRIAC & UJT
• Study of Circuits:
Half wave Rectifier
Full wave Rectifier
Bridge Rectifier
Filters-Low Pass Filter
High Pass Filter
Band Pass Filter
• Study of CB, CE & CC mode of transistors.